Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Another baby-sitting story

I was baby-sitting this afternoon for a two year-old girl named Morgan. This job is easy especially since I don't have to do much except play dolls with her. Her favorite game is Snow White, which is a game I've played with her thirteen million and a half times, using little figurines to act out parts. Snow White is played by a Snow White figurine. The seven dwarfs are played by the four dwarfs (Sleepy, Grumpy and Sneezy are currently missing). The wicked witch is played by a Fisher-Price Little People construction worker, who wears a hard hat, as if to say, "I may be evil incarnate, but, darn it, I follow OSHA regulations!" The poison apple is a regular apple from the refrigerator. Its roughly fifty times the size of Snow White's head; so even if she didn't eat it, this thing would SCARE her into a coma. The handsome prince is usually played by a handsome prince, but according to Morgan he was misplaced, so this time Snow White's handsome prince was played by a sheep. Its from the Fisher-Price farm set, and as far as sheep go, its reasonably good-looking.


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