Monday, February 16, 2004

I had a dream last night that involved most of my fellow bloggers and a few people from church.

It began with a tragedy. Bethany Ray killed Josh Haught. (Side note: I have had a recurring dream where Benny is chasing me with a butcher knife and I always wake up before she kills me.) There was sorrow throughout the church and many of us were very upset with Benny. Sophie was looking for Bethany and when she found her, Bethany and Sophie began fighting. (They were scratching eachother. ?????) Then, Benny all of the sudden turned into David Gilbert and began dancing and singing. Chance showed up and began cornering David and began asking him if he knew what the meaning of life was. David seemed to be very scared and tormented by the question. Until John Ma'ae showed up on a floating orange. And I turned into David Gilbert. Everyone from church appeared, and I was speechless. I began fighting like the paladin in Diablo trying to gett all of them back. But nonetheless they surrounded me. and Sir Galahad was there and yelling "Burn HER!" Finally, they all lost interest and Isaiah and Hannah showed up on a plastic horse and took me to their house. When we arrived Josh was there sitting as if he had never died. When i said he was killed, people looked at me funny. And Hannah said, "Oh, Erica, your imagination does work overtime." And then Hannah turned into Duriel (a creature from the game Diablo II) and I began hacking away at her with my mace.
Teri saved me. She was my mercenary and helped me kill Duriel. As soon as Duriel died, Hannah became Hannah again. And I felll asleep at the Ray's house.
When I got home: My fish had died. The End.


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