Monday, February 23, 2004

Kids Say the Darndest Things.

I found a piece of paper in a photo album a few weeks ago with all these spanglish phrases on them and I thought it was pretty cool. See, when my parents lived in Colombia, both of my sisters were born. When Teri began talking, she only wanted to speak Spanish, but was so used to hearing English from realtives that she would speak both the same time. Well, here's a few sentences she'd say:
--"Sophia esta tochando el fan." (Normally it would be "tocando" but she would add the CH sound to make it sound like "touch")
--"Ya la vamos al la churchy."
--"Ay, Sophia! Que messy!"
--"Todd esta donde God, esta happy." (Todd was my dad's good friend who died right after Sophie was born.)
--"La Grandma se fue en big avion."
--"No me like, wash mis manos."
--"Mas high!" (When on the swing.)
--"Mira, Mama estoy swimming!"
--"Quiero la cup little."
--"Estoy buscando la blue beaver."
--"Papi, te compre new socks."
--"Se cayo la pancake alla en la floor."
--"Voy a hide."
And my personal favorite...
--"Todd y God estan jugando Frisbee."


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