Tuesday, March 30, 2004


After changing his membership to St. Nicholas, my dad has been urging me to go to St. Nick's with him. I have been reluctant to go, based on the fear that I would not have any friends and because I love St. Barnabas so much. Well, this Sunday I accompanied my father to two of the services held there. The Spanish Typikon and the normal liturgy. I enjoyed meeting everyone who looked up to my dad so much, and practicing my spanish with the hispanohablantes. I also learned that His Grace Bishop Joseph would be attending the liturgy that morning.

My dad had told me earlier that he was going to introduce himself to the bishop, and talk about becoming a sub-deacon. Sure enough, Bishop Joseph gave the go for the ordination. My dad'll become Sub-Deacon Ron/Paul on the fourteenth of April. Those of you who know my dad know that this means alot to him and I'm proud that he is fulfilling his dream in the ministry.

The sunday after Pascha, my dad will be announced to the Orthodox world as a sub-deacon, I will be attending the liturgy, and it will be cool to see my dad become a member of the clergy, something that he has waited a while for.


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