Thursday, April 29, 2004

Darn Pacifists

True Story: I was at a friends house who I will call "Anita." I was sitting there minding my business and "Anita" pointed behind me yelled out loudly as if a menacing-looking man with a hatchet was standing behind me. Startled, I jump up and look behind me, I see nothing.
"Get it, Erica. Get it!"
I frown and look at her strangely.
"Do you see that HUGE thing right there?"
"What thing?"
She begins to speak in all capital letters, "THE SPIDER!!!!!!!!! IT'S HUGE!!!!!!ITS THE SIZE OF A BUICK!!!!!"

I look on the wall and see a spider climbing up it, no doubt trying to find his way to bathroom so he can hang out in the bathtub. (That's what insects do, they seek refuge in shower stalls.)
I grab a nearby tissue and I slowly apporach the spider and just as I catch it and about to sqush it I hear:

"DON'T KILL IT!" She yells, frantically.

I stop in mid-squish and look at her, "What am I supposed to do with it then?"
"Take it outside and set it free!" "Anita" says, acting as though she thinks she's completely sane.
"Set it free?" I ask.
"Yeah, can you do that?" "Anita" says looking at me, sweetly.
"Um, sure." I walk quickly out of the room and set the spider free to terrorize flies and to spin a web. I say goodbye to the spider and reenter the house.

"Anita" asks, "Is it gone?"
I nod, stoically.
"I hope the thing is okay." She worries.
I keep silent.
"Oh, wait--what if he sneaks back in?" "Anita" asks me.
I look her straight in the eye and say, "Oh, no problem, you'll just have to have someone not kill it again."


Fish Update: David the IV is still alive.

On April 27, Lene gave birth to a healthy baby girl which the named after my grandmother, Eleanor. We're still awaiting my other aunt, Hanne's, baby who will be out on Monday, (due to a Cesarian).


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