Friday, April 02, 2004

Free Write...

Sara just did this with her blog, but I am clear out of clever ideas for my blog at this time. So, to fill up space, I shall answer these following questions honestly:

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. Spending most of my time online, playing computer games or watching TV.
2. Talking too much.
3. Not focusing on schoolwork when I need to. (It burned me this week)

Name four things you wish you had:
1. A left wrist that doesn't hurt at all.
2. To never get another migrane again.
3. The privilege to play computer games online
4. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King game for PS2

Name four scents you love: (Now this is where I get kind of quirky.)
1. Simple Green
2. Laundry Detergent
3. Bishop Joseph's scent (I swear he smells like gingerbread!)
4. The smell of car air conditioning...(Yes, it does have a smell)

Name four things you'd never wear:(Ineeded five for this one...There are many more though.)
1. Anything with sequins.
2. Fish nets
3. Mini skirts
4. Stiletto Heels
5. Halter/ Tube tops.

Your four favorite things to do:
1. Play games (board, video, computer, card,etc.)
2. Ride my bicycle
3. Nothing
4. Make others laugh

Name the last four things you have bought:
1. Jughead comic book
2. Sobe, Strawberry Daqueri (Amazing!)
3. A Pascha dress
4. Chinese food

Name four things you regularily drink:
1. Sobes (Liz Blizz, Strawberry Daqueri, Strawbery Banana, Cranberry grape, Nirvana.)
2. Protein smoothies that my mom makes.
3. Soda
4. Kool Aid

Name four things you are thankful for:
1. Advil
2. My cat
3. My faith
4. Simple Green

Name the last four things you did:
1. Took my U.S. History Midterm
2. Ate breakfast
3. Did Algebra 2
4. Did Algebra 2


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