Sunday, May 30, 2004

Short Anecdote

I was buying a present for a friend of mine a few weeks ago and ans I quietly stood in line at the grocery store. I watched as a mother beseeched her child who was around eight or nine to stay with their shopping cart while she went to pick something out that she had forgotten. The little girl stood her ground as the line moved progressively toward the checkout counter. Five minutes went by, and she began to look more and more nervous as she searched for her mother. The girl pushed the cart filled with groceries to the next spot in line. And as the last lady in front of her had finished paying...the little girl began to scream and cry...."I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, MOM!!!"

She ditched the shopping cart and began screaming for her mother. I stepped forward and bought what I had set out to, hopped on my bike and laughed to myself as I pedaled home. I remember having those few moments of terror when my mom would do that to me in the grocery store.


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