Monday, May 17, 2004

Ten Things I Never Thought I'd Say Or Do:

1. "So, you cracked an egg on your brother's head?"
2. Fight with a ten year-old about who really won a scooter race.
3. Play 'Mafia' with a group of twelve eight year-olds
4. "John, my foot grabbed that spoon before your's did!"
5. "Haha! Take that scum! Ooooh, you want a piece of me? Time to die!" (while playing diablo 2)
6. Make up my own rules to the game "Life" when i was eleven, because it was too simple. (I added extra expenses for miscelleaneous items, taxes, costs of children, extra college if you wanted a more difficult career, more realistic salaries for the jobs, time measurement, practical housing, etc.)
7. Laugh uncontrollably after being thrown off a jet ski in the middle of a lake.
8. "Never put blueberries in your diaper again, understood?"
9. "Please, stop licking my hair."
10. "So, why exactly did you pee on your brother?"


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