Monday, June 14, 2004

Today I...

...felt like doing one of these...Sara did it, so it has to be cool, right?

15 Years Ago I...
-was one
-thought everything was funny

10 Years Ago I...
-was six
-was extremely annoying
-learned how to ride my bike
-shared a room with both of my sisters
-was in second grade

5 Years Ago I...
-was eleven
-was in seventh grade and homeschooled
-had a crush on Will Smith
-lived in Santa Ana
-wanted to become an actress
-spent a lot of time in my room eating cheetos and reading

2 Years Ago I...
-was fourteen
-began to love going to church
-had just finished my freshman year at OCHSA
-wanted to become an actress
-started to watch football
-had just moved to Tustin

1 Year Ago I...
-was fifteen
-beat all of the "Age of Empires" games
-started to try to talk my dad into letting me play Diablo 2
-decided i didn't want to become an actress
-had just finished my sophomore year at OCHSA and began homeschooling that following fall

Yesterday I...
-went to church
-watched the Lakers game
-was angry at the Lakers
-played Diablo 2
-fell asleep out of exhaustion on the couch

Today I...
-am sixteen
-am still angry at the Lakers
-tried to figure out how to make the necromancer really powerful on Diablo 2
-read some of "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius
-baby sat and taught the kids how to play video/computer games

Tomorrow I...
-will read more of the same book
-will clean my room (riiight)
-will watch the Lakers vs. Pistons game
-will probably be angry with the Lakers
-will do laundry


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