Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When I Grow Up

For an English assignment, I was required (though not reluctant) to take a career assessment and write and essay about the choices. After answering the questions I was told I would be good at the following careers:

1. Elementary School Teacher
2. Daycare Teacher
3. Criminologist
4. Music Teacher / Instructor
5. Print Journalist
6. Market Research Analyst (whatever that is...)
7. Director
8. Sports Instructor
9. Religious Worker
10. Marriage and Family Therapist
11. Writer
12. Editor
13. Event Planner (Yeah, RIGHT! This could never happen.)
14. Judge
15. Nanny
16. Psychologist
17. Comedian
18. Sportswriter
19. Social Worker
20. Clergy (too bad, I'm a girl.)
21. School Counselor
22. Actor
23. Librarian
24. Chimney Sweep (Hmm...a chimney sweep...I never thought of aspiring to that.)
25. Producer

For the most part, I could see where they came up with the answers. The top five were pretty right on. I enjoy taking assessments like these.


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