Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Babysitting quote:

A couple of days ago I was babysitting for a girl named Morgan and her friend. Both three year-olds. When Morgan's friend's dad came home I sat and hung out and talked for awhile.

Suddenly Morgan's friend starts to cry
Her Dad: Why are you crying?
The girl: Morgan put her blanket on my arm.
Her Dad: (taken aback) ...and that made you cry?
The girl: *bitterly* mmhmmm
Her Dad: Why?
The girl: I dunno. (still crying)
Her Dad: of course you dont, because youre a three year-oldlittle girl.
The girl stops crying

I have a couple more...
My uncle lurks on my blog and I quoted his son a couple times. I guess the son heard about it somehow. Because one day he said something funny and made me laugh, and afterwards said:

"Go put that on your blog"

Kinda scary from a 6 year-old

One more...

Sophie's Dad: Sophie, either apologize or go to time-out.
Sophie wimpers
Sophie's Dad: Okay, one more time do you want to apologize or go to time-out?
Sophie starts to cry. Morgan looks concerned for her friend.
Morgan: She wants to 'pologize!!!


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