Sunday, October 16, 2005

Winter Warmth

I love the winter season so much! I love bundling up when going places, putting on cozy socks and sweatpants, reading a good book under a blanket, or listening to the rain fall on the roof. I feel so happy when I can see my breath in the morning.

I start counting down to winter in July. "Christmas is only six months away!" When I can bundle up with a scarf and put gloves on to keep warm, something feels warm inside of me. I am lit up to my fingertips and I have a hard time feeling down.

I've heard of kids being scared of thunder, but as a kid, I found it fascinating. It always gave me a sense of comfort and awe. Even now, as the thunder shakes and rattles my windows, I am blessed with a feeling of joy.

The first memory I have of a pleasant moment in winter was when I came home one rainy day from second or third grade. I was cold and wet and frustrated. A teacher had yelled at me (in elementary school I was a goodie two-shoes, I never got into trouble) and I was crushed. I came home and my mom greeted me at the door, in a teddy bear sweatshirt. Seeing my face she immediately asked me what was wrong. I told her what had happened and she sat down and comforted me. Snuggling with her made me feel cozy and warm, and that was the best feeling in the world. Ever since then, I've tried to recreate that cozy feeling.

Is it weird that I recieve joy when waking up and seeing grey clouds?


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