Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Next Best Thing to Moving Out and Growing Up

Well, it's more of a transition but I have moved out. Besides my winter clothes that I left at my Mommy and Daddy's house I have moved into my grandparent's home. I feel pampered to have a bathroom with its own bath/shower about three feet away from my bed. I'm not expecting the "guest" room for long but I'll be a perfect tenant in hopes my grandma will let me stay there.

The move has been pretty natural, I do find myself missing my parents. After the move, when spending time with them at dinners and such I do feel bad leaving them. Not because of anything they've said or done just because I've been the last kid at home for a few years. I guess it felt sort of like my duty to not leave them. I know they're fine, and I might be projecting a little. I don't like driving too late so I'm not staying for movie nights and other things, and I feel like I'm missing out on my special time with them. Plus, they NEED me, right?!? ;)

Living with Sophie again is actually pretty cool. I'm sharing her computer and internet connection with her now so blogging will be less frequent (not that I blog that much anyways). People always told me when I was younger that once you grow up you're actually friends with your siblings. I never would have believed them, but it's TRUE! When I was nine I would have said, "YOU KIDDING ME? I want nothing to do with these people! I didn't choose to have three mommies!" (Two older sisters and a mother). I also told myself I would let my kids watch TV until they chose to stop. Ha! How viewpoints change. She's also been pretty nice. I fell asleep watching a DVD on my laptop, and when I woke up the next morning she had put it away and tucked me in. When I told my mom this, she said that Sophie had acted like a mother to me, and so she earned some motherly nagging points for that. :)

My mom responded verbally to one of my posts a couple posts ago. The one called Growing Up. She thought I explained the transition perfectly. Progressing from being a teenager to an adult is one of the most difficult transitions in a person's lifetime (Coming in second to parenthood). She told me something also very wise. "It's a big transition and one you can't rush through."

So, when I feel like I want to go on autopilot for a few days or make decisions that will rush through my process, I keep repeating:

"Don't rush, don't rush. I need my time. Time is on my side!"

Don't rush, E Rica. Time is on my side.

Being a tweenager takes a lot of prayer and lots of advice! I'm all ears!

Our father who art in heaven, bless my father and mother, my guardians, and those who are in authority over me, for their love and tender care for me, and the benefits I receive at their hands. Help me, I pray thee, to be respectful and obedient to them in all things according to thy will; and give me thy grace to perform all my duties carefully and faithfully, to avoid undesirable company and influence, and resist all temptation that may come my way; that I may live a sober, righteous and godly life, ever praising thee, and glorifying thy Holy Name. Amen.

O Blessed Lord, who hast set up for us an example of ideal purity, strengthen me, I beseech thee, when temptation besets me, and when strong passions seek to overwhelm me, that I may remain constant in virtue and innocent in thought, word, and deed, doing such things only as are well-pleasing unto thee; grant me growth in wisdom and understanding, that I may serve thee in holiness all the days of my life: through the intercessions of thine all-immaculate Mother and of all thy Saints, especially my patron Saint Ruth, Amen.


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