Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Look Back

I did this meme two years ago. I wanted to do it again to see what had changed.

15 Years Ago I...
-was 3
-became Orthodox
-met Sean
-shared a room with both of my sisters
-got a stuffed animal (bunny) that soon became my comfort object

10 Years Ago I...
-was eight
-wanted to be an OBGYN
-Ate a lot of Flamin Hot Cheetos
-spent all my time with my best friend at the time, Paul.
-got bumped a year ahead in math class.

5 Years Ago I...
-was thirteen
-started going to OCHSA
-moved to Tustin
-didn't do so well in school
-went through a very rebellious stage
-was in a Shakespeare play

2 Years Ago I...
-was sixteen
-had been blogging for a year
-was in the middle of my senior year
-started dating Sean
-babysat a lot
-just started babysitting for Morgan and Ellie

1 Year Ago I...
-was seventeen
-Started college.
-struggled with whether to stay in school or not.
-taught Sunday Scool
-got into two car accidents

Yesterday I...
-spent all day babysitting
-stayed up until 5 am playing video games
-went to John's bible study
-spent the day with my cousin
-found out that someone turned in my lost iPod

Today I...
-am eighteen
-am looking forward to my anniversary with Sean
-should clean up my room and do laundry before my grandma comes home from PA
-stayed up until 5 am playing video games (again)
-uninstalled the darn computer game that was keeping me away from prayers and sleep.

Tomorrow I...
-will go to church
-will go to the gym
-will read more of Numbers
-will hang out with the family
-will get a full night's sleep


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