Monday, October 09, 2006

Man, It's Hard to Eat Healthy

I've taken this new nutrition class that has really inspired me to eat better. Luckily, my parents introduced the basic theory of health to me (i.e. Don't have just fruit for breakfast, have an egg for protein too. ) so I'm not completely in the dark about the right foods to eat and how to eat them.

Well, about a week ago I started a stricter diet (I say "stricter" because I allow some unhealthy things in my diet.) I have never craved carbohydrates as much as I do now. The candy in stores tempt me horribly. I never really noticed that Best Buy has a candy counter until today. I promised myself a jolly rancher if I didn't buy any candy.

Does anyone know if the carb cravings stop? Or how to deal with them?


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