Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Back To You O God

When I was a little child
my parents taught me how to live
a life of love and prayer.
In the beauty of my innocence
simply I believed in you,
knowing you are there.
But those days are far behind me now;
I'm far past that age.
Sometimes, I don't know
how to get beyond the haze to you, my Lord;
you seem so far away.

Help me Lord, take me by the hand.
Help me know the things I do not understand.
Lord, you're far away, and yet you're by my side;
like Adam I have often run away and tried to hide.

But I'm coming back to you, my Lord,
if you will help me, I will be there soon
(O, yes I will, wait for me!)
Like the prodigal, I'm coming,
you see me from afar and meet me in the field,
and you embrace me.
Then you kill the fatted calf,
you place a ring upon my hand,
and suddenly, I understand

that your love isn't measured by my faith.
I am welcome home, no matter where I stray.
Lord, I praise you, I will try to give back all you've given me;
help me be the person you created me to be.

When I wake up in the morning,
I dedicate my day to you,
I pray, 'Lord, guide my steps in your will.'
But like the desert fathers falling down and getting up again
my journey to you, O my God,
has its valleys and its hills.
Yet I hear your voice through all the noise,
your light guides me through this isolating world!
Lord, you help me!
Lord, you are my God!

Jesus Christ, the things you ask are hard to do;
help my unbelief that I might follow you.
Hold me close, don't ever let me walk far away,
or else I'll stumble and I'll lose my way
back to you, O God.



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