Friday, August 24, 2007

Boy, Have I Been Busy

Lots of stuff going on for me and my fam lately. I'm going to school close to 24 hours a week, working as often as I can, learning choir stuff, trying to get an online music class going, Bridesmaid responsibilities, trying to fit time in to go to the gym and allowing downtime for myself. Not to mention time with friends and of course Sean.

I really am pretty beat.

The cool part is that I love what I'm learning at school. Anatomy is so much fun! I'm now more advanced and the more I learn and the more the material starts to make sense I find that I'm surprising myself. I'm learning like crazy and it's similar to speaking a new language. Kind of fun. Only four months to go or so.

At my school, you have to pick a teacher and a specialty that you'd like to learn. Since I have been interested in the Clinical approach, I signed up for the CLinical program. But for some of my lower division courses I started taking classes from a teacher, named Kevin, who has more of a specialty in the Sports Program. Well, I loved the way Kevin taught and started only taking classes from him. Once I became more of an advanced and considered what classes I should keep taking I wasn't sure if I wanted to study under the other Clinical teacher (who tends to be very Holistic)so I took one of the Sports classes and I loved it! I learned so much anatomy & physiology. I can't imagine how it would have been if I decided not take that class.

The Sports program is more work, but I really do believe it will make me a better massage therapist. Sports isn't only about working on athletes. It helps you to work on anyone who moves. It also teaches you how to work with injuries. Also, in every class you take from Kevin you'll learn a full body massage.

So, I'm constantly at school M-Th. But I'm happy to be there.

Kevin (my teacher) has gotten to know me pretty well and he is good at putting things in perspective for me.

The other day, I came into school early to take a test and I felt exhausted. Kevin asks me, "How are you, Erica?"

"Tired." I replied, feeling a little sorry for myself.

Kevin scoffs playfully and adds, "20 year-olds don't get tired."


Another day I came into school in a foul mood. I hit horrible traffic, missed my exit, got lost and was 30 minutes late for class. I called and told them I'd be late and stormed into class pretty annoyed.

I was just quiet. Sitting there listening to the lecture, minding my own business. But definitely frustrated with how my morning went. I guess I wasn't very discreet with my frustration because suddenly Kevin said to me,

"Erica's been driving around frantically down the highway of life still trying to figure out how to get to school today. Erica, we all have bad mornings. I'm sorry you had a bad morning, but dude, snap out of it! You're here safely and I'm not mad that you were late. Relax!"

At first, I was really annoyed that he humbled me in front of the class but when I got around to thinking about it I did realize he was right. I was wanting to hold on to being a victim. I also really like that he noticed that I was annoyed and that he wanted to do something to help.


So there are some of my stories from school. I have tons of them (just ask Sean, he hears at least three or four a day) but I'm really enjoying my time there and I'm learning a lot.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Grace said...

I didn't know that you'd decided to get into this stuff. This seems like a really good vocation. Lots of calls for it and people are *always* glad to see you (not like a dentist. Those poor guys!)

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Beniy said...

Great teachers are what good education is all about. Learn all you can.

At 3:30 AM, Blogger Hamilton70554 said...

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At 12:39 PM, Blogger Bluecanopy said...

uh weird friend you have there ;)

you go girl...after this weekend you'll be that much freer.

sounds like a good choice of teacher.


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