Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lent has definitely begun

I find that Lent happens at the best time for me. The time when I've become most lazy, most distracted during services, when I can't, won't lay aside my earthly cares for an hour and a half and after I've already gotten myself in a hole. Something I do feel happy about is after Lent I feel in more control of my life again, though I do a bit of struggling to regain that control.

I was feeling insecure about some of the gifts that God has given me. One for example, dealing with children. I always thought I was really good at that, I was proud of it. Then I started noticing little mistakes I had been making. (Not dangerous mistakes, that is. Just not treating the children with the love I could have been sharing with them.) Suddenly I felt as if my gift was slipping away from me. Then I realized my true mistake. I began wondering if I'm planning the right kind of life for myself.

My gift doesn't come from ME! It comes from God. I still have to pray that God will give me strength, patience and love and help me to give the children I care for what He gave them. Love. I can't give myself so much credit for something that God really is responsible for.

I know, deep thoughts for E Rica.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Movie Quote of the Month!

Haha, you thought I forgot, but just before the clock strikes twelve, it's time for the movie quote of the month!

This month's quote is from Finding Nemo:


Crush: "Takin' on the jellies! You got serious thrill issues dude!"


Fish Update: David IV is still alive and well, as long as there are no seagulls around. MINE!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Cars and Freaking People

I meant to post something last week on Friday but something very unfortunate occurred. Actually, two very unfortunate things occurred last week. I've now learned how mean people can be when it comes to cars. Let me explain.

I was buying In N Out at the drive thru last week, (savoring what was left of meat-eating before lent) and as I'm driving up to pay for the food i put my car in park and then I see the lady in the car in front of me get out of her car and walk towards me.

The lady: You hit me!
Me: What?
The lady: You bumped into my car!!
Me: (weakly) I did? I'm sorry, I didn't feel it.
The lady: I can't believe you didn't feel it! You took a little bit of paint off of my car!
Me: (confused and worried) I'm sorry.
The lady: It's more than 'I'm sorry' I need your insurance.

I was scared. I didn't remember getting my insurance card and I couldnt find it. What's more is that I didn't think I did anything wrong. I didn't want any trouble, I just wanted her to leave me alone. And I wasn't sure of the right things to do in these situations. I, naively, gave her my insurance card once i found it and she copied it down. She, in turn, gave me her phone number and her first name. No last name. After I got home my parents educated me in the error of my ways.

As if that wasn't enough car issues for one week, three days later, on Friday, I was
buying work clothes and i parked my car in front of a store. After I was done shopping, I got into my car and started out of the parking lot. Suddenly I heard a beeping in my car. The same beep when you don't have your seat belt on. It said my door was ajar. I slammed my door hard, the beeping continued. I looked at my passenger's side door.

"How could that door have opened? I haven't been in that side. I haven't opened it." I thought to myself. I shrugged, reached over and closed it hard. Beeeep Beeeep. I reached over and closed it hard again. Beeep Beeep. I reached over and slammed it as hard as I could. No more more trouble. I drove to my house and walked into an empty house. I started putting away my work clothes. When I hear my mom drive up. It doesn't phase me, I keep folding.
Suddenly my mom calls out:
Mom: ERICA! You didn't tell me!
Me: Didn't tell you what?
Mom: About your accident.
Me: I didn't tell you because I didn't have one.
Mom: What happened to your car then?

My heart was racing I ran to my car. My car was smashed on the passenger's side, making it seem like the door was a little popped out. Dented, scraped and smashed, I looked at it and became angry.

Someone had hit me in the parking lot and hadn't left a note. At least $800-$1000 dollars worth of damage.

Aren't people nice?