Thursday, April 29, 2004

Darn Pacifists

True Story: I was at a friends house who I will call "Anita." I was sitting there minding my business and "Anita" pointed behind me yelled out loudly as if a menacing-looking man with a hatchet was standing behind me. Startled, I jump up and look behind me, I see nothing.
"Get it, Erica. Get it!"
I frown and look at her strangely.
"Do you see that HUGE thing right there?"
"What thing?"
She begins to speak in all capital letters, "THE SPIDER!!!!!!!!! IT'S HUGE!!!!!!ITS THE SIZE OF A BUICK!!!!!"

I look on the wall and see a spider climbing up it, no doubt trying to find his way to bathroom so he can hang out in the bathtub. (That's what insects do, they seek refuge in shower stalls.)
I grab a nearby tissue and I slowly apporach the spider and just as I catch it and about to sqush it I hear:

"DON'T KILL IT!" She yells, frantically.

I stop in mid-squish and look at her, "What am I supposed to do with it then?"
"Take it outside and set it free!" "Anita" says, acting as though she thinks she's completely sane.
"Set it free?" I ask.
"Yeah, can you do that?" "Anita" says looking at me, sweetly.
"Um, sure." I walk quickly out of the room and set the spider free to terrorize flies and to spin a web. I say goodbye to the spider and reenter the house.

"Anita" asks, "Is it gone?"
I nod, stoically.
"I hope the thing is okay." She worries.
I keep silent.
"Oh, wait--what if he sneaks back in?" "Anita" asks me.
I look her straight in the eye and say, "Oh, no problem, you'll just have to have someone not kill it again."


Fish Update: David the IV is still alive.

On April 27, Lene gave birth to a healthy baby girl which the named after my grandmother, Eleanor. We're still awaiting my other aunt, Hanne's, baby who will be out on Monday, (due to a Cesarian).

Thursday, April 22, 2004

If This Is Fake I Will Be Very Sad

A couple of months ago (Exact date: March 04, 2004) I posted a piece about pets, entitled trouble with pets. (If you are unfamiliar with the exact post, go to 'Archives' and click on 'March 2004' the scroll down to the bottom. Do it! NOW!) Well, today's post is going to offer an apology to those i might have offended about dogs.

I had said dogs were stupid and I refused to accept any other opinion that said otherwise. Well, this is a momentous occasion, my dear friends! I am apologizing and admitting that I am wrong! (For the most part, most dogs are VERY dumb.)

After watching this video I realized that dogs are the superior race.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

In Loving Memory of Rebecca Grace Righeimer...

My blog is turning to a more solemn note today. I've been trying to focus on getting things done, but I feel compelled to share my thoughts on a very tender matter from the heart.

This has been a rough day. I have a kind of aching pain that justs seems to linger. Today, April 13th, is what would have been my deceased cousin, Rebecca's, fifth birthday. A little girl i had baby-sat for. Her death has affected deeply me since Sunday, December 28, 2003, when she died.

When I awoke this morning, the first thing i saw was the framed picture of me and Rebecca that i keep on my nightstand. The picture was taken the last day she was alive. She and I were sitting on my grandmother's couch, my arm around her and smiling. My grandmother's new kitten lay peacefully in Rebecca's lap. I can't believe that within twelve hours of that picture Rebecca was dead.

Her death hit so close to home because I had spent the entire day before she died with her. We played together, bounced around in the bounce house that was set up in my grandma's backyard, and I watched her torment the cat. I even got to take her up into my arms and say goodbye to her. What a blessing.

At her funeral, the hardest part was watching the parents. Lene, Rebecca's mom was crying bitterly, while holding her two-year old who would wipe away her tears with her blanket. The father, Jim, sat by Lene and cried as he watched his daughter's tiny coffin be carried into the church. I kept imagining Rebecca's body laying in there, lifeless. It was so unbelievable

I feel such deep pity and remorse for the parents, Jim and Lene. Two of the most delightful people I have ever met, are now trying to cope with the death of their beautiful four year-old. She was here for such a short time.Ever since that day I treasure those around me so much more. I will never know if it'll be the last time I will see them. I have watched my younger cousins, deal with Rebecca's death. William, a six year-old, said it plainly, "I'm glad Rebecca is in Heaven, she won't have to be sad ever again." I tousle his hair and smile at him, because I know he's speaking the truth.

Luckily, Jim and Lene have another daughter, Morgan, an adorable two year-old, and they have another daughter due in May. Lene and Jim will need prayers especially around this time. Remember them in your prayers today.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Movie Quote of the Month

Ok, Ok, I know what y'all are thinkin'. Its the ninth, and E Rica normally posts this on the tenth. Well, first of all I'm not sure any of you care enough. But I won't be posting tomorrow because I will be preparing (sleeping) for the Pascha service that starts at 10:00 PM. (I have to be there an hour early, however.) But, right now I have found a movie quote that very much explains the feelings of Orthodox Christians everywhere who are aching for certain things (*cough* meat).

Today's quote is from Lion King.

Timon: What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula? Luau!
Are you hankering for big, fat and juicy meat?
Eat my buddy Pumbaa here and you'll have a treat.
He tastes fine, wash him down with wine, all you have to do is get in line.
Are you aching? (Pumbaa: yep yep yep)
for some bacon? (Pumbaa: yep yep yep)
He's a big pig! (Pumbaa: yep yep)
You can be a big pig, too! Oy!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Little Bummer Boy

A kid i babysit for constantly, has just recently gotten what i call a "chill out song." (The music you listen to to calm yourself down when you're angry or annoyed.) But this song is "The Little Drummer Boy" the only christmas song I absolutely despise. So when he gets angry he goes in his room, shuts his door, and puts on that song. And to top it all off, I've heard it more times in the last five weeks, than all of the sixteen Christmases I've lived through combined.
For openers, drums do not go "rum-pa-pa-pum," they go "rat-a-tat-tat." Also, I have major issues with the line that goes: "The ox and lamb kept time." Really? How? Did they clack their hooves together? Did they dance? Am I supposed to believe that two barnyard animals who have the IQs of celery combined, spontaneously started doing the macarena?
I'll tell you all this much, if I'm taking care of a newborn, and somebody came whacking about on a drum, that person would find himself in the emergency room having his drumsticks removed from his rum-pa-pa-pum, if you catch my drift.

Fish Update: David is still alive

Friday, April 02, 2004

Free Write...

Sara just did this with her blog, but I am clear out of clever ideas for my blog at this time. So, to fill up space, I shall answer these following questions honestly:

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. Spending most of my time online, playing computer games or watching TV.
2. Talking too much.
3. Not focusing on schoolwork when I need to. (It burned me this week)

Name four things you wish you had:
1. A left wrist that doesn't hurt at all.
2. To never get another migrane again.
3. The privilege to play computer games online
4. The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King game for PS2

Name four scents you love: (Now this is where I get kind of quirky.)
1. Simple Green
2. Laundry Detergent
3. Bishop Joseph's scent (I swear he smells like gingerbread!)
4. The smell of car air conditioning...(Yes, it does have a smell)

Name four things you'd never wear:(Ineeded five for this one...There are many more though.)
1. Anything with sequins.
2. Fish nets
3. Mini skirts
4. Stiletto Heels
5. Halter/ Tube tops.

Your four favorite things to do:
1. Play games (board, video, computer, card,etc.)
2. Ride my bicycle
3. Nothing
4. Make others laugh

Name the last four things you have bought:
1. Jughead comic book
2. Sobe, Strawberry Daqueri (Amazing!)
3. A Pascha dress
4. Chinese food

Name four things you regularily drink:
1. Sobes (Liz Blizz, Strawberry Daqueri, Strawbery Banana, Cranberry grape, Nirvana.)
2. Protein smoothies that my mom makes.
3. Soda
4. Kool Aid

Name four things you are thankful for:
1. Advil
2. My cat
3. My faith
4. Simple Green

Name the last four things you did:
1. Took my U.S. History Midterm
2. Ate breakfast
3. Did Algebra 2
4. Did Algebra 2