Sunday, February 24, 2008

Okay, so I love this song, not just because this is the hymn the bride walks down the aisle to on her wedding day but this has become one of my favorite psalms (Psalm 45).

The Psalm is written about the Messiah and His Bride, the Church. There is a reason that this Psalm is chosen, husband and wives represent the union of Christ and His Church. This is one of those things that I find scary and humbling is that on our wedding day I will represent the Church. How can I possibly live up to that? Even more the Bridegroom represents Christ. How could I ever be worthy of that kind of love and sacrifice? I know when I will be walking down the aisle to Sean in about 8 months now that these thoughts will overwhelm me. This song will remind me about my duties, fill me with awe and I will have a surge of gratefulness that I have found a groom who is willing to live a life of love and martyrdom with me.

Anyway, enjoy the's a nice version.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From the New Orthodox Study Bible...

Well, my new Orthodox Study Bible arrived. I love it! It's leather bound and smells all new and it has the old testament AND the new testament!!!

I couldn't resist sharing this excerpt from the commentary on the first chapter of Isaiah,
The image of Israel is that of an entire body covered with wounds and sores---a body that is not only refusing treatment, but will not even recognize that it is sick.

(Should I have put a spoiler-warning?)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Family Blogger

My Aunt Laura just started blogging! Check it out!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Right In Front Of Me

I enjoyed a night of babysitting for my three cousins (all of whom are in our wedding) after months of not watching them. I used to babysit these "little" guys since I was eleven or twelve and I would watch them at least twice a week sometimes more. I used to get a lot of my blog material from cute things they would do or say and I learned so much from watching them grow. To me, it's a little nuts how my "baby" cousin Emma will be 4 years old in May and now my "quotes" will be coming from her. Wasn't she the little baby who would make everyone around her melt just by smiling?? When did she become a little girl who can talk your ear off?? Yikes.

It's also funny to me how the little toddlers I babysat so often for are now 8 (almost 9) and 10. When did that happen? Jeez.

While we are all on the couch, the "baby" asleep wrapped up in a blanket, I found myself happy to have a family and especially thankful for these amazing blessings that are right in front of me, less than a mile away. I love my cousins and they make me smile and teach me something every time I'm there.

We had a movie and game night. Candyland, Monopoly, Perfection and Abalone. We watched Lion King 1 and 1/2 which is kind of a dud of a movie but sweet, followed by Ghostbusters.

And now...I have some babysitting quotes for you.

"Erica, what's menstruation?" (From one of the boys. Scary!!!)

(While watching Lion King, I realized I knew who did the voice of Simba)
Me: Wow! That's Matthew Broderick.
Them (At the same time): Who?

Generation gaps...gotta love them.